The Dangers of Damp and Dry Rot in Oxted Properties

Both wet and dry rot can attack all kinds of wood, new or old, in Oxted or anywhere else. It can strike in both private and commercial properties. Without the proper water proofing, damp proofing or ventilation, moisture may occur and provide the ideal conditions for fungal attack or woodworm on any timber in your property. It is vital that you take action at the first sign of damp or dry rot, the latter of which requires a specialist timber treatment.

What Causes Rising Damp?

The appearance of damp in your home can be attributed to a number of factors. It could be the failure of an existing damp proofing course (DPC). In the case of older buildings in and around Oxted, such issues arise as a result of the absence of any damp proofing.


Dampness in walls may also be caused by condensation, which in turn is caused by a lack of adequate ventilation. Other causes can be failed rainwater disposal systems or bad re-plastering jobs from over-enthusiastic DIY ‘experts’.


If you suspect your Oxted home is becoming more prone to dampness, please call Plasterite South Ltd and we will send a surveyor to property. The surveyor will inspect your home and diagnose the issue quickly and accurately. They will then inform you of the best course of action.


Dry Rot

Nothing will destroy timber faster than the fungi known as dry rot or the woodworm that can arise as a result of an outbreak. If your timber is suffering from this problem, you should know that it will only get worse if left untreated and can quickly take a firm hold on the structure of your Oxted property.

Dry rot attacks damp timber and spreads quickly from its initial germination, eventually working through brickwork and even along metal joists in search of fresh timber to attack.


Timber treatment is a great way to prevent dry rot in the future. The most effective way of achieving this is to hire the damp proofing specialists at Plasterite South Ltd. If dry rot is affecting the area beneath your Oxted home, you can also choose to take advantage of our basement water proofing services.

For prompt, reliable timber treatment or damp proofing services in Oxted, get in touch with us quickly! Call Plasterite South Ltd now on 07792 827 468.