Professional Damp Proofing Specialists Covering Reigate

If your home or business premises in Reigate have fallen victim to damp walls or flooding, the experts at Plasterite South Ltd are here to help with a range of damp proofing and water proofing solutions. With over 25 years of combined experience, you can trust our family-run business to help eliminate your damp, wet rot or dry rot quickly.


Our experts provide a first-class service for customers in and around Reigate. For your peace of mind, we offer fixed (and very competitive) prices, fully insured services and extensive guarantees on all of our work. Our services include the following:


• Water Proofing

• Damp Proofing

• Masonry

• Timber Treatment (Wet and Dry Rot)

• Sump and Pump Systems Installations

• Cellar and Basement Conversions

Signs of Damp

Signs that your home is damp include peeling or discoloured wallpaper, wet plaster, damp-stained walls and signs of decay on skirting boards. Rising damp will appear on ground floor walls from skirting board level up to about 30cm high. One of the causes of dampness is the breakdown of the original damp proofing that was installed when the house was built.

This happens gradually over time, which is why older houses in Reigate are more susceptible to such issues. Another form of dampness is that caused by condensation, which appears as a black mould, usually as a result of poor ventilation.

If caught early enough, this is easy to fix with some mildew remover. The only damp proofing that you need to do in this situation is to open the windows and let some air in. This is obviously more difficult in Reigate basements where ventilation is at a minimum.

However, in these situations, effective damp proofing can come in the form of mechanical ventilation systems which use vents to exhaust air. Basements are also prone to flooding, which is why we recommend water proofing solutions like sump and pump installations or tanking.

Yet another form of dampness is the ‘penetrating’ kind, which is usually caused by blocked gutters or poor external pointing, as well as loose rendering or cracking on the exterior of your Reigate home or workplace. We provide all kinds of damp proofing within your home or business. Please get in touch for more information.

The Causes and Signs of Dry Rot

Dry rot occurs as certain species of fungi digest parts of the wood which give the timber stiffness and strength, thus causing it to decay. The first sign of dry rot is the presence of microscopic spores which may resemble a fine orange dust in high concentrations. Woodworm may also be present.

The final stage of dry rot comes in the form of ‘a fruiting body’ which pumps out harmful spores into the air. We believe prevention is much safer than cure. This is why recommend using a timber treatment to prevent wet or dry rot for a lifetime. For more information, please get in touch by phone or by email.

If you live or work in Reigate and need professional damp or water proofing services that last a lifetime, call Plasterite South Ltd now on 07792 827 468.