Damp and Water Proofing Specialists in Reigate and Oxted

Plastering in Oxted

Here at Plasterite South Ltd, we are specialists offering a range of services to customers in Oxted, Reigate and all locations in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. These include the following:


• Water Proofing

• Fungal Decay, Wet Rot and Dry Rot Removal

• Timber Treatment

• Plastering Services

• Basement Conversions

• All Associated Building Works

Water Proofing

Whether your home or work place is brand new or has been around for many years, it is essential that it is properly waterproofed. Water proofing prevents untold structural problems which could greatly affect the resale value of homes or premises in or around the Oxted and Reigate areas.


External defects or leaks can damage the fabric of the property, as well as its paintwork and other furnishings. With this in mind, you should know that Plasterite South Ltd offers you the benefit of extensive waterproofing solutions.


If you need to us to provide water proofing for your interior masonry, we feel that traditional as well as modern techniques are more than suitable to provide you with a dry interior finish. With this in mind, even the smallest leaks should be repaired promptly.

We also provide tanking for walls and floors in properties in Oxted or Reigate that are particularly prone to waterproofing issues.


The tanking coat is made from either cement-based slurry, air gap membranes or liquid bitumen. When this coating is applied, it forms a highly effective waterproof barrier. Here at Plasterite South Ltd, we also install sump and pump systems in the basements of our Oxted, Reigate and South East clients.

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Damp Proofing

As experts in damp proofing, we can undertake a series of treatments to prevent the growth of rising damp in the walls of your home or workplace. Such issues will occur in any structure that is not adequately protected against them. Rising damp is particularly common in older properties.

The most popular damp proofing treatment we use is the application of a chemical Damp Proof Course (DPC). This process requires specialist injection equipment and re-plastering with a salt retardant.

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Timber Treatment

While wet and dry rot are not harmful, they certainly indicate that dampness and condensation issues exist in the home, which can cause extensive damage to the fabric of the property if not swiftly dealt with. For this reason, it is essential to locate and eradicate the underlying source of moisture behind the outbreak.

We begin by undertaking a wet or dry rot survey to determine the extent of the outbreak. We then perform repairs where necessary to both decorative and structural timber and replace wood that is beyond renovation.

We undertake the timber treatment using the latest fungicidal formulas to prevent further outbreak. Once complete, we offer long term guarantees with independent insurance backing.

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Simple steps can be taken to reduce the humidity within the property, from basic remedial work all the way through to use of the latest mechanical extraction units. Condensation is one of the most common issues in properties today because of modern living methods.

Mould spores can irritate respiratory problems and condensation can even result in woodworm. It can also be one of the hardest to control but with careful consideration and expert advice, we can get the issue under control.

For water proofing, timber treatment or damp proofing in Oxted, Reigate and the South East, contact Plasterite South Ltd on 07792 827 468.